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Governing Body

Governing Body

Formed and founded by the group of visionaries and intellectuals, the JMS Group of Institutions imparts students with quality education and provides them with innovative and stimulating environment to learn and grow. We provide individuals a platform where they can sharpen their skills and can become a leader of tomorrow. As we believe that through professional education, we can lay the foundation, which will bring social and economic changes to the lives of millions of people.

JMS Group of Institutions envisions to become an institute that imparts outcome based education which empowers students with skills, knowledge, aptitude, ethics, as well as moral values. The institute is dedicated to provide students an outcome based learning by training the faculty members to a system where they can further train the students to work on the high-end technologies at the global level.

JMS Group currently have thousands of students, faculty from the renowned institutes, and 16 acres of land.

Mr. Rakesh Singhal
General Secretary
Mr. Ayush Singhal
Managing Director
Mr. Himanshu Singhal
Mr. Rohan Singhal